what is Directory Service Solution ?

Directory services, often referred to as Directory as a Service (DaaS), centralize user and resource information, encompassing data like email addresses, passwords, preferences, device details, and network information. Administrators rely on DaaS for efficient access management, user onboarding, and resource oversight. For instance, when a user accesses an application, the application consults the Directory Service to confirm user authorization.

Cloud Directory Service seamlessly integrates with various directories, including On-Premise Active Directory (AD), Identity Stores, and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). It plays a vital role in Identity and Access Management solutions, including Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and User Lifecycle Management. Directory Service is typically implemented as software and distributed across multiple servers.

Unified Identity Integration

Directory Service Integration

Directory Service Integration enables a unified directory to link all your IT resources, including G Suite, Active Directory, AWS, HR systems, databases, and other identity-related assets. This simplifies user management by allowing the creation, import, and provisioning of users across multiple platforms simultaneously. Additionally, Directory Service extends connectivity to devices, applications, servers, networks, and cloud-based infrastructure for comprehensive identity management and resource access.

Single platform to manage Multiple Identity Sources

Organizations often maintain multiple identity sources for various user types like employees, partners, customers, and end-users. With Rainbowsecure Directory as a Service (DaaS), you can consolidate all this data into a single view. This allows you to have a comprehensive overview of all the integrated connections/identity sources within Rainbowsecure, simplifying user and access management.

Consolidated User Management

User Management

Directory Service consolidates user profiles from multiple identity sources, and manages user lifecycle states from one dashboard, streamlining user management and access control.

Advanced Security with Policy Enforcement

Establish access policies for individual users or groups to enhance the organization’s security. These policies should take into account factors such as location, IP address, device, and more. Additionally, bolster these policies with the implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure robust access control and protection against unauthorized access.

Streamlined Password Management

Efficiently manage group-based password policies and empower users to perform self-service password resets using Rainbowsecure. This capability alleviates the workload on your IT helpdesk, enhancing productivity and user autonomy.

Easy migration to Cloud Directory

Unlimited space for every user

Minimize reliance on AD and LDAP by transitioning to a cloud directory solution. This enables the storage of unlimited users, categorized as Partners, Suppliers, and End Users. Furthermore, each user and user group can have their unique set of customized attributes, credentials, and application allocations, providing flexibility and scalability in identity management.

Easy Monitoring and Reporting

Acquire real-time system logs with Cloud Directory setup to troubleshoot and address any security issues that may arise. You can also use pre-built reports to examine how end customers navigate and use apps and services. You may easily download or export your data to CSV or request us to set up automated export to your database.


Next Generation Seamless and Secure Access

Next generation MFA Login

Next gen true multi-layer login security that protects from account takeover attacks like brute-force, phishing, AI based BOT attacks, and threats like stolen passwords and password reuse.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to log in using one set of credentials to access a wide range of resources, including Email, web and on-premises applications.

Streamlined Password Management

Efficiently manage group-based password policies and empower users to perform self-service password resets using Rainbowsecure. This capability alleviates the workload on your IT helpdesk, enhancing productivity and user autonomy.

User Lifecycle Management solutions by Rainbowsecure

User Management

Effortlessly oversee user access to devices, applications, networks, and more, while providing a customized experience for both customers and businesses.

User Lifecycle Management

Efficiently grant and oversee access to your services, minimizing human errors, enhancing operational efficiency, and eliminating security breaches.

HR Driven IT Provisioning

Streamline employee identity management by integrating your HR and IT systems, enhancing efficiency in the process.

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Directory Services Solution Pricing

Directory Services

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Benefits of Directory as a Service (DaaS)

Easy Management

Administrators can integrate multiple Active Directories (AD) or Identity Sources, utilizing them as a unified user store, eliminating the need to manage directories separately in different locations.

Centralized Apps Management

Automatically provision and manage multiple on-premises and cloud application accounts from a single centralized system. 


Boost Security

By implementing automated provisioning across applications and directories, you can enhance security by assigning varying access levels based on an individual's role.                                                            

Faster Deployment

Directory Integration provides organizations the option to have just a single domain on which shared account database solutions have to be deployed only once. This makes company-wide deployment faster.

Boost Productivity

Directory as a Service helps in easy management with a single click eliminating the manual inconvenience of managing, defining roles, and setting up multiple passwords, thus improving productivity.


Helps organizations meet regulatory requirements related to user access and data management. Supports various identity sources & custom attributes, accommodating diverse organizational needs.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cloud directory service?

    In an identity management system, a cloud directory serves as the repository for storing and managing user identities in the cloud. This centralized platform enables authentication across various devices and applications. Rainbowsecure Directory as a Service takes the integration of multiple directories to create a single cloud directory for efficient management of users, groups, and their access privileges.

  • Directory Service vs active directory: what is the difference?

    Directory Service and Active Directory both play essential roles in Identity and Access Management (IAM), but they have distinct functions:

    Directory Service:

    • Stores user data, including email addresses, passwords, preferences, and device/network information.
    • Typically implemented as software across multiple servers.
    • Compatible with various directory types like On-Premise Active Directory (AD), user stores, Identity Stores, and LDAP.
    • Offers flexibility in managing user attributes.

    Active Directory:

    • A Microsoft product primarily focused on identity management.
    • Organizes users, computers, and printers.
    • Streamlines the management of users and devices by centralizing their information in a single directory.

    Enterprises can leverage the strengths of both Directory Service and Active Directory to create a customized identity management solution tailored to their specific needs, taking advantage of the complementary features offered by each.

    In contrast, Adaptive MFA enhances MFA security by considering risk and controlled user access, as determined by security administrators. It identifies potentially fraudulent attempts using predefined risk criteria and prompts users to undergo an extra authentication step to verify their identities.

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