What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Rainbow Secure’s MFA provides extra layers of security beyond passwords. It is your digital guardian online! Imagine requiring multiple keys to unlock a treasure chest; that’s MFA for your digital accounts. It demands two or more verification factors for top-notch security, bolstering your defense against cyber threats. Forget relying solely on usernames and passwords – MFA’s added verification includes OTP, tokens, or your choice from Rainbow Secure’s color and style-enabled options. MFA involves four factors: Knowledge-Based (what you know), Possession-Based (what you have), Biometric (unique traits), and Action-Based (what you do). These factors verify identity based on what users know, have, or do. Rainbow Secure offers a range of MFA methods and security options. Choose from options like Formatted Passwords, OTP via SMS or email, QR codes, security questions, and much more for added layers of security.

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) work?

When a user attempts to access a resource, they are presented with multiple authentication factors along with a traditional username and password. If the user’s login credentials and second or more authentication methods pass successfully, they are granted access to the resource.

Rainbow Secure MFA system generate a unique one-time passcode (OTP) and formatting challenge for each login attempt that is delivered to your registered smartphone, secondary email or private mobile app. User must provide correct passcode and fulfill the challenge. Additionally user’s location, device and request context parameters are considered for approving the access request.

Why Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Important?

Reduces Security Risk

Rainbow Secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps in reducing security breaches and keeping the data more secure. Without MFA, weak or stolen credentials can be used to commit fraud or violate privacy. Using Rainbow Secure MFA as an additional login protection measure can help keep hackers out of your system. You can avoid 99.9% of account assaults by using MFA! We make human users the power factor in authentication process and secure business.

Easy and Fun to Use

Authentication based on usernames and passwords alone is not reliable. Users may have trouble storing, remembering, and managing them across multiple accounts, most of them reuse passwords for multiple accounts and create passwords that lack complexity. Rainbow Secure MFA develops a multi-layered defense system that makes it more difficult for an unauthorized individual to access a target, such as an account, device, network, or database. Rainbow Secure MFA made security easy and fun to use. You can even use for offline access for apps and users not connected with internet.

Rainbow secure MFA Authentication Factors

Something You Know

This includes traditional passwords, PINs, or security questions. Rainbow Secure enhances this factor with customizable colors and styles for added security.

Something You Have

Access to phone or email or any other device where user receives one time password.                                                               

Something You Do

Like Applying coloring or styling your login password to personalize it, or formatting OTP code sent to email, or phone gives multi-layer defense to your login account.

Somewhere You Are

You can configure trusted locations for users for work, home and travel with date time ranges to allow access to account at right time at right place to right user. All other locations are considered suspicious and handled accordingly.

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MFA Solution Price

For Work force(B2B)

Starting from

$ 1 *

per user per month
MFA plugin For Password

For Work Force(B2B)

 Starting from

$ 2 *

per month

For Customer(B2C)

Starting from

$ 40 *

per month
up to 400 users

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods supported by Rainbow Secure

Password Based MFA

Enhance security with multi-layer options incorporating color and style for knowledge factors.

SMS & Phone based MFA

Soft token, one time password (OTP) and formatting challenge sent via SMS (Short message service).

Industry Experts

Soft token and formatting instruction sent via Email.

MFA With Authenticator apps

Soft token sent via Authenticator App and formatting instruction sent via SMS / Email.

  • Password MFA
  • SMS & Phone MFA
  • Email based MFA
  • MFA With Authenticator

What Client’s Say About Us

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhanced security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security, reducing the chances of an attacker gaining access to the system.

Increased productivity and flexibility

Employees may securely access business apps and resources from practically any device and location, without jeopardising the company's network.

Fraud Prevention

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional degree of protection by ensuring that everyone is who they say they are, preventing unwanted access.

Improved user trust

When employing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), users may secure the protection of their personal information without exerting additional effort.

Reduced management cost

You'll observe less suspicious behaviour on client accounts if you use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and you'll spend less money on security management as a result.

Adaptability for different use cases

Additional security is required when processing high-value transactions or accessing sensitive information from unknown networks and devices, such as geolocation, IP address, and time since the last login.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2FA or MFA?

    MFA and 2FA are technology names for methods used to secure software accounts and are often used interchangeably. 2FA means two factors to secure account while MFA means two or more factors. 

  • Can I use MFA for Office 365?

    Yes with RainbowSecure you can easily integrate MFA authentication for Office 365 and other business apps using MFA options of OTP, QR code, location, date time, authenticator app and more at competitive pricing. Office 365 by default uses Azure AD but is not suitable for all users. We can help you overcome it with stronger security and better user experience using interactive color and style options.

  • What is MFA in Cloud?

    With the rapid growth in Cloud MFA has become necessary. As companies move their systems to the cloud they can’t rely on a single form of security. Additional MFA security needs to be ensured. MFA will ensure that users are who they say they are by asking to provide, work on additional authentication factors/steps that are more difficult for hackers to imitate, and make account takeover attacks like brute force and phishing attacks impossible and irrelevant.


  • Why using colors and styles make login secure

    Now you have something you know and something you do making the login very strong and secure. Colors and styles make passwords and OTP tokens multi-layered. Colors and styles give extra attributes to every character making the available combinations exponentially larger. In fact, now every character has 36 quadrillion combinations making the resulting hash very very huge. Also, now that login is interactive, it breaks the attack automation using stolen and compromised passwords and tokens.

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