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Employee IAM is designed to manage and protect the identities of internal employees and remote workforce.

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Email Security Service

Starting from

$ 1 *

per user per month

With MS Defender

$ 3 *

per user per month

Email Security Service + MFA (pwd + OTP) + SSO + User mgmt + adaptive MFA

Starting from

$ 8 *

per user per month

Designed to manage and protect external identities and user access such as customers (website/mobile app visitors), students/staff, citizens, bank customers, etc.


30 Days
$ 0
  • For SMBs/ small groups just getting started with RainbowSecure


Upto 400 Users
$ 40
  • For business that require integration with external identity


Upto 400 Users
$ 80
  • For business that need basic MFA with connections to multiple identity sources.


  • "Best for Bank, government and healthcare projects that require advanced security and enterprise integration to scale up."

Compare Customer Identity Plan Features

Customer TypeEducational and Consumer facing websites/mobile loginEducational and Consumer facing websites/mobile loginEducational and Consumer facing websites/mobile loginGovernment citizens, Banks and Healthcare customers
Application SupportSupport SAML, OAuth/OIDC applicationsSupport SAML, OAuth/OIDC, and JWT applicationsSupport SAML, OAuth/OIDC, and JWT applicationsUnlimited Applications support with SWA
Social Connections2-3UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited with Custom Social Connection Support
RainbowSecure Database Connection
Federation and SSO Authentication
Long live session and Force logout
Group and application-level based password and sign-in policies
Identity Brokering (Cross Protocol SSO Support)
Login via External IDP (SAML/OAuth/JWT based IDP's)Limited to single IDPLimited to single IDPMultiple IDP Support
Connect to User Directory (AWS Cognito, Azure B2C, etc)Limited to single User DirectoryLimited to single User DirectoryMultiple User Directory
External Database Connection
AD/LDAP based user authentication
Social Account Linking
Customizable Login Experience
Custom Domains
Automated Email Workflow (Welcome, Sign in, registration widget Password reset, account verification)
Enterprise Integrations (Quick and easy Integration with your existing set of application)
Consolidated User Store (Connect to your multiple existing user stores regardless of where the user information is stored)
User / Customer Lifecycle Management
User Import and Sync
Profile & Role Management
Customer Profiling
Set Custom Attributes
Customer Insights
Customer Segmentation
Progressive Profiling
Data Export
AD/LDAP User Sync
Brute Force Protection
Suspicious IP Throttling
Enhanced Password Protection
Passwordless Login (MFA)
Password policies: Change and Forgot Password
Advanced Security Measures: Captcha, Account Unlock, new device recognition
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Basic MFA:
>> RainbowSecure
authenticator - Soft Token
>> Security Questions
>> RainbowSecure Push Notification
Enterprise MFA:
>> SMS & Email MFA
>> Authenticator Apps- Google, Microsoft or, Authy
>> TOTP & Hardware Token
Adaptive MFA (Restrict users based on IP, Device, Time and, location)Add On
Number of Delegated admins357Unlimited
Log Retention7 Days15 Days30 Days45 Days
Auditing and Reporting
Community/Forum Support
Annual Payment Discount
Support for On-Premise(Private) Deployment