What is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication is a modern approach to verifying a user’s identity without the need for a traditional password. Unlike the conventional method where a user’s inputted password is matched with a stored version in a database, passwordless authentication leverages more secure and user-friendly alternatives.

These can include one-time passcodes sent via email or SMS, push notifications, or even authentication tokens dispatched to a user’s trusted device. Other advanced methods encompass biometric scans or one time use QR codes or backup codes issued and delivered over non-conventional channels or obtained at trusted locations as offered by RainbowSecure.

Often, Passwordless Authentication is integrated with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) systems. This amalgamation is designed to not only elevate the security measures but also to streamline the user experience. Additionally, it aids in cutting down the operational challenges and costs tied to IT management. The overarching aim is to offer an authentication process that is both secure and user-centric, steering clear of the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional password systems.

In essence, the conventional password-based methods, with their known security flaws, cumbersome user interactions, and elevated maintenance expenses, are becoming obsolete in the face of evolving cybersecurity demands.

Why Passwordless Authentication Matters?

Passwordless authentication has become essential as conventional password-driven systems are susceptible to threats like phishing, brute-force intrusions, and credential theft. By leveraging more robust and dependable authentication methods, such as one-time codes, cryptographic keys, and biometric verification, passwordless authentication mitigates these risks. Beyond bolstering security, it also streamlines the user experience by removing the burden of recalling intricate passwords. In essence, passwordless authentication represents a pivotal advancement in balancing enhanced security with user convenience in our modern digital era.

Why RainbowSecure Passwordless Authentication Matters?

RainbowSecure provides color and style-powered Passwordless Authentication which is proof of credential phishing, Man-in-the-middle attacks, SMShing, and vishing forces user interaction, and gives multi-layer security by design without putting extra burden on the user. RainbowSecure Passwordless Authentication runs on OTP tokens delivered to users with formatting challenges giving super strong login authentication that is easy to use, implement, and support. Users love the ease of applying layers of security by applying a given color and/or style as part of the formatting challenge. It is easy for users but not for hackers or their automated scripts that steal tokens, and SMSes and hack into the systems.

Works with most cloud, SaaS applications and can be integrated easily with leading IAM platforms. Custom APIs are also available to integrate with and upscale your legacy applications that don’t have 2FA or passwordless login options.

Eliminate Password Vulnerabilities & Simplify User Login Experience

Strengthened Security

Neutralize threats from password-centric attacks, including brute-force, phishing, credential stuffing, and password guessing.

Optimized User Interaction

Bypass the hassle of recalling and inputting legacy cumbersome passwords every time, minimizing the challenges tied to traditional password authentication.


Cut down on the resources dedicated to password management, resets, and related security concerns, which often burden organizations.

Boosted User Engagement

Elevate user participation and conversion rates by leveraging secure techniques.

Passwordless methods supported by RainbowSecure

Formatted OTP challenge via Text Message (SMS),
E-mail, Video Authentication

RainbowSecure offers a variety of login authentication options, including Multi-layer Multi-Factor Authentication methods like Formatted OTP Challenge via SMS, E-mail or verification using live video session with user. Formatting challenge and OTP can be delivered to user's mobile phone or approved email or both to validate their identity. Alternatively, user can interact with helpdesk over live video session to get and fulfill the OTP and formatting challenge. All these methods offer an additional layers of security for user account access.

Secure Login Choices

RainbowSecure supports variety of other MFA methods like IAM platform app authenticators, biometric partner solutions and assisted login using formatted OTP to supervisor or team manager.

Passwordless Authentication Solution Price

For Work Force(B2B)

 Starting from

$ 2 *

per month
OTP Based

For Customer(B2C)

Starting from

$ 40 *

per month
up to 400 users


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