What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a critical aspect of cybersecurity that focuses on managing and securing access to critical systems, applications, and data by privileged users, accounts, and processes. Privileged users typically include administrators, IT staff, and sometimes applications or scripts that require elevated permissions to function. If these privileged accounts are compromised, they can pose a significant security risk due to the high level of access they possess.

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How PAM helps to secure against Cyber Threats

Rainbow Secure, a reliable SSO provider, offers expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process for a secure and efficient authentication solution.

Privilege Containment

Restricting the unlimited 24/7 access of privileged users to applications, services, data and critical assets ensures that misuse of privileged account power is minimized.

Protect against Data Breach

PAM Solution tries to give access to right set of data at right time to privileged account so if that account gets breached data exposure will be minimized.

Protect keys and credentials

Protects credentials and keys to sensitive and confidential software services, data, cloud storage, accounts, privileged accounts, and other related IT assets. This is managed in Rainbow Secure Digital Vault.

Understanding PAM - Privileged Access Management

Privileged accounts can present a considerable risk to an organization’s security if they get breached or compromised; hence, privileged access management becomes highly required. Let us take an example where the login password of a normal user account get compromised. The hacker will have access to information and access rights of that given account only. On the other side, if any privileged account gets hacked, the hacker will have lot more access and power to data and privileges of not just one user but ability to do lot more to system, data and on several accounts.

Due to the sensitive nature and rights of privileged accounts, cyber criminals go after them, and when they succeed further allows them to successfully breach the security of the entire platform and organization. According to Verizon Data Breach report, Identity-based attacks targeting privileged access have become the favored attack vector for cybercriminals, affecting more than 80% of organizations.

How RainbowSecure seamlessly integrates with PAM solutions. to secure your sensitive data and secure your accounts.

Digital Vault

Protect your sensitive account credentials, keys and configuration files in a secure and centralized way using the Rainbow Secure Digital Vault add-on that can also be used as a password vault. Digital Vault ensures the secure storage of privileged passwords and other sensitive keys in an encrypted vault while auto-rotating login details as needed. This reduces the risk of credential theft of privileged accounts and improves security.

Monitoring and Auditing

Get real-time alerts whenever privileged accounts are used. You can easily monitor and analyze sensitive account activities via dashboard.

Time based Access Grant and Removal

Time based Access Grant and Removal With Time based access, you can grant specific users with time-limited access to resources that are restricted to them as per their existing privileges. Instead of giving standard users permanent access to critical resources, you can easily give them exclusive time-bound access (Privilege Elevation based on date time range) to minimize the risks related with overprivileged users. You can ensure most security while saving time by implementing the principle of the least privilege.

Just in Time Access

When some users or employees require urgent access to systems and data that are not available to them, then with Just in Time Access you can grant them with necessary privileges when required and for the least amount of time so that both work & security doesn't get impacted. This feature makes sure that security doesn't bring down productivity, and both security & convenience are maintained for a secure and productive work environment.

Benefits of Customer identity Management Solutions

Enhanced Security

Reduces the potential attack surface by limiting privileged access and ensuring that privileged activities are monitored.


Helps organizations meet regulatory requirements related to user access and data protection.

Operational Efficiency

Automates routine tasks like password rotation, reducing the administrative burden.

Forensic Capability

Provides a comprehensive trail of all privileged activities, enabling post-incident analysis and investigation.


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Most frequent questions and answers

PAM is a cybersecurity solution that manages and secures access to critical systems, applications, and data by privileged users and accounts. It ensures that these accounts are used appropriately and securely.

Privileged users include administrators, IT staff, and sometimes applications or scripts that require elevated permissions to operate. They have higher levels of access compared to regular users.

Privileged accounts, if compromised, can pose a significant security risk due to the high level of access they possess. PAM ensures these accounts are securely managed, reducing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.

PAM provides features like credential vaulting, session management, multi-factor authentication, and auditing. These features reduce the risk of credential exposure, unauthorized access, and offer detailed monitoring of privileged activities.

PAM solutions maintain detailed logs of all privileged activities, which can be used to generate reports for compliance and auditing purposes, helping organizations meet regulatory requirements.

Yes, many advanced PAM solutions use AI and machine learning to detect unusual behaviors or patterns that might indicate a security breach or misuse.

Yes, MFA is often a component of PAM solutions. It adds an extra layer of security by requiring multiple forms of verification before granting privileged access.

While both PAM and IAM focus on managing access, PAM specifically targets privileged access. In contrast, IAM encompasses a broader range of identity solutions, including user provisioning, authentication, and regular user access management.

Yes, most PAM solutions can integrate seamlessly with other IT infrastructures, security tools, and identity providers to provide a holistic approach to security.

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